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I travel everywhere in Lombardy - tickets

Integrated tickets for traveling 1, 2, 3 or 7 consecutive days using local public transport services throughout Lombardy.

With the "I travel everywhere in Lombardy" tickets you can travel on local public transport services throughout Lombardy:

city ​​buses (including the ATM 73 and X73 urban lines) and intercity buses,



classified public transport on-call services: for example, ATM Callbus, Cremona Stradibus, Mantua Taxi-Bus (except for the payment of a supplement compared to the ordinary rate, where applicable),

R (Regional), RV (Regionali Fast) and RE (Regio Express), Malpensa Express and S (Suburban) category trains, traveling in first and second class within the scope of validity of the Lombardy Regional Railway Tariff

boats on Lake Iseo,

local public transport cable cars and funiculars:

Margno – Pian delle Betulle, Lecco, cable car

Malnago – Piani D’Erna, Lecco, cable car

Albino – Selvino, Bergamo, cable car

Campodolcino – Alpe Motta, Sondrio, cable car

Argegno – Pigra, Como, cable car

Piero Bridge – Monteviasco, Varese, cable car

Bergamo Bassa – Alta, Bergamo, funicular

Colle Aperto – San Vigilio, Bergamo, funicular

Como – Brunate, Como, funicular

Moggio – Piani di Artavaggio, Lecco, cable car

Varese Vellone - Santa Maria del Monte, Varese, funicular

For the Malpensa Express service, you must consult the attached prospectus to find out in detail the travel possibilities, it being understood that IVOL tickets are never valid for journeys originating/destination at Malpensa Airport T1 or T2.

Rates in euros (€):

1 day - 5.50pm

2 days - 29.00

3 days - 35.00

7 days - 46.50

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